domenica 29 settembre 2013

Roman style panzerotti (Panzerotti alla romana, region Lazio)

Ingredients (4 servings)

300 g of 00 flour (white flour)
40 g of butter
3 eggs
120 of diced scamorza (a kind of cheese)
olive oil
salt and pepper

domenica 22 settembre 2013

Risotto with sweet grapes (Risotto all’uva fragola)

Here you have a recipe with a typically seasonal ingredient: fresh grapes.
The uva fragola is a type of grapes with blue/black skin, which is very sweet and is to be found in Italy from the end of August to the end of September (depending on the climate/region). It is often consumed after meals as a dessert.

Ingredients (4/6 servings)

450 g of uva fragola
1 stalk of leek
320 g of rice (for risotto)
60 g of butter
100 ml of red wine (half a glass)
1 litre of vegetal broth
40 g of parmesan

domenica 30 giugno 2013

Steamed mussels with pepper (Impepata di cozze, region Campania)

This is a traditional dish from Naples and can be consumed both as a starter or as main dish of fish.
It has long been considered a poor dish, unworthy of being considered part of the traditional Italian cuisine. In recent times it has been reassessed and is highly appreciated.
According to traditional beliefs, mussels are tastier if eaten during months without an “R” (gennaio, maggio, giugno, luglio agosto, that is January, May, June, July, August).

For a starter reduce the following ingredients by half.

domenica 23 giugno 2013

Pici pasta (pici, region Tuscany)

The pici are a thick hand-made kind of pasta which originates from Southern Tuscany. It can be made of flour and water only, as the addition of egg yolks is optional and depends on local traditions.
Here’s the recipe to make the pasta, while in the next post you will find a recipe on how to make a fine fish sauce to go with your fresh pici.

domenica 16 giugno 2013

Potatoes and peppers (Patate e peperoni, region Calabria)

Ingredients (4/6 servings)

potatoes – 800 g (choose a variety which is suitable to be fried)
red peppers – 300 g
yellow peppers – 300g
extra virgin olive oil

rosemary or black olives or red onions (to be placed in the pan together with peppers and potatoes)

lunedì 3 giugno 2013

Monza style pasta (Pasta alla monzese, region Lombardia)

Ingredients (4 servings)

penne (a kind of pasta) – 350/400 g
mild lean pork sausage - 250 g
fresh cream - 250 g
saffron - 1 package
grated parmesan - 60 g
salt and pepper

sabato 25 maggio 2013

Hunter’s style rabbit (Conillu a succhittu, region Sardinia)

Ingredients (6/8 servings)

a medium-sized rabbit
2 cloves of garlic
4 dried tomatoes cut into small pieces
4 laurel leaves
2 tsps of finely chopped rosemery
2 pinches of oregano
4/5 tbsps of pickled capers
half a glass of white wine
a stock cube
extra virgin olive oil
white vinegar